About Place de la Cité

Do you want to know where we come from and who we are? Here is an overview of everything there is to know about Place de la Cité.

A fashion and shopping destination

Place de la Cité is a destination for fashion lovers. It features boutiques that specialize in designer clothing and accessories boutiques. Enjoy exploring both Québec and international designers and a myriad of styles to suit all tastes.

Visiting Place de la Cité is also a complete, one-of-a-kind shopping experience, with  eyewear stores, hair salons, bookstores, financial institutions, travel agencies, government services and so much more, you’ll find a little bit of everything under the same roof.

Gourmet locations for all occasions

Place de la Cité also features restaurants, a microbrewery and a great. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic meal, a trendy 5 to 7 soirée, a snack during a shopping spree or to stock up on gourmet products, Place de la Cité provides several food choices for any appetite.

Shopping centre photo's