4 fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

On March 17, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with colourful parades & Irish music. This holiday is also known for its beer - green beer. Celebrate this Irish holiday in style. Here are some great ideas for the whole family. 

Dress up!

Not every city have a St. Patrick's Day parade. Recreate one at home. Go to Place de la Cité to pick up some green items of clothing. Brighten your look with lots of fun accessories (hats, boas, necklaces, glasses, etc.) that you can find in the dollar store. Use everything green you have for a flashy effect. 

Cuisinez un menu irlandais.

The Irish know how to party. Beer is at the heart of many of their specialities. Try traditional Irish pub recipes such as a good Beer Beef Stew or the famous Guinness Beer Chocolate Cake. For the children, prepare a tasting menu of a variety of sausages and vanilla cupcakes with a few drops of green dye. For the grown-ups, finish the meal with the famous Irish coffee! 

Create a festive atmosphere

Use green cardboard and string to make shamrock streamers, blow up some balloons and glue on pictures of a leprechaun, a legendary character from Irish folklore. For a St. Patrick's Day table setting, sprinkle the white tablecloth with green confetti and place green napkins and party flutes. 

Hunt for shamrocks

Hide a dozen three-leaf shamrocks, the symbol of St. Patrick's Day, around the house. Hide one lucky four-leaf clover in the lot. Whoever finds it will be crowned the winner!

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