Our Top 10 Fashion Essentials for Summer 2021

For many of us, the pandemic had driven our fashion pieces deep into our closet ... never to come out again! With the arrival of the warm weather, our fashionista instincts are rekindled and we're eager to renew our wardrobe. Out with the loungewear, in with the trends! It's the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our love of fashion and to experiment with the season's best pieces.

To guide you through your summer shopping, here is our guide to the must-have summer items to stay on top of the latest trends and feel beautiful every day. Because there's every reason to dress well and feel pretty!

Choosing the Best Colours

Where do we start when we haven't focused on our attire for so long? First, let's choose the trendy colours and patterns that we like. For spring and summer 2021, pastel colours with sherbet hues are in. These are soft yet bright shades that add a splash of happiness and energy to our wardrobe. Choose them freely!

Pastel yellow, a shade inspired by the Pantone colour of the year 2021, will be particularly popular. We will also see fuchsia, bubblegum pink, lilac, blue, and lime green. In short, colours will steal the show this summer. If you're more hesitant to adopt these colours, know that an accessory in these hues will do just as well!

The Latest Patterns

When it comes to patterns, stripes are very popular. The wider and more colourful they are, the more we love them! This energizing and dynamic pattern can be paired with neon or bright colours for an ultra-modern and trendy look.

Flower patterns will also steal the show this summer. Rather than the traditional romantic petals, it's an 80s-inspired floral pattern that we will see everywhere this summer. Note that the trendiest prints are anything but discreet this season: bright and punchy, they won’t go unnoticed.

1. Wide-Leg Trousers

If working from home has taught us one thing, it's that we like to emphasize comfort above all else, but with a touch of chic and glamour. Luckily for us, the trendy trouser cut perfectly combines the two this summer! Wide-leg trousers are the trend to adopt - it's just as comfortable as leggings but with a lot more class. Whether we choose them in an 80s inspired version, in jeans, or in cargo-style pants, one thing is certain: we will be chic and comfortable all summer long!

2. Slip-On Shoes

Simplicity and comfort are behind the trendiest shoes of the season. In the latest fashion shows, Birkenstock-style sandals, Crocs, and Uggs style boots were the kings of the catwalk. Yes, you read that right! For a more stylish look, choose the 90s inspired strappy sandal with its square toe and low heel.

3. Bold Jewelry

 Let's be honest - we've all given up on our jewelry in the last year... And yet, they make our outfits look so good! So why not fall back in love with them? This season, accessories don't take themselves seriously and have a touch of humour and frivolity. We'll see lots of colourful beads, reimagined pearls, mismatched earrings and large chains with XXL pendants. In short, jewelry is having a blast!

4. Scarf on Your Hair

This season, the trendy accessory for hair is the satin scarf. We wear it 60s style, for vintage chic or even bohemian look. You don't have a scarf? Any satin accessory will do: headband, elastic, etc. After styling our hair in a ponytail or messy bun during the entire confinement, it feels good to add a little fashion touch to our hairstyles!

5. Colourful Eyewear

Eyewear follows jewelry's vibrant and frivolous trend: we adopt coloured lenses, preferably on a vintage-look frame. Blue, pink or yellow are great choices, as long as you see life in colour!

6. The Mesh Handbag

The trendy handbag of the moment is rather humble and looks homemade. Whether it's made of mesh, macramé, knit or straw, it's the fashionable yet ultra-practical bag we'll be carrying around this summer. For a more elegant look, this season's leather bags feature minimalist designs, even from Hermès and Prada: in solid colours and simple profiles, they will have a lasting presence in our wardrobe. Bonus points if your bag is a bright hue, such as a sunny yellow or cerulean blue.

7. Puffy-Sleeved Shirts

The oversized jacket is still a staple in our wardrobe this summer. We wear it with the trendiest top of the moment; a cropped bandeau or bralette-style top. This versatile piece will be even more appreciated during this summer's heat waves.

For a sophisticated touch and to be a bit extra, puffed sleeves are making a comeback for a larger than life look! Over a blouse paired with wide-leg trousers or a long dress, puffy sleeves are taking their place. It's a great look for work and summer picnics alike!

8. The Maxi Dress

It's not just the sleeves that are getting wider this summer: so are the dresses! They're going extra long, almost sweeping the floor, and in sheer fabrics for a touch of glam and romance. Even if you only wear it for a simple happy hour on your deck, you'll at least have a fashion moment to capture on Instagram!

9. The Cut-Out Swimsuit

L’appel de l’eau se fait sentir au fur et à mesure que le mercure grimpe! La tendance de l’été 2021 est sans contredit les découpes à la taille. Les maillots à cordons se taillent aussi une place parmi les modèles populaires de l’été, et ils ont comme avantage d’être flatteurs pour toutes les silhouettes. Sans plus tarder, on s’équipe de notre crème solaire préférée et on plonge dans l’été!

10. Matching athletic wear

Maybe you've become a home workout expert in the last year? There's no reason not to look good while exercising! Top trends include bike shorts, which are as comfortable as they are convenient, and a matching bra and legging set. This season, athletic fashion is having fun with asymmetry, metallic finishes, multiple or crossed straps, cut-outs at the waist, etc. And don't forget that athletic wear is great for everyday wear, even outside of workouts!

The key trend for summer 2021 is to have fun! We boldly embrace colours, daring prints, modern cuts, and we mix and match without restraint. A little freshness in our wardrobe never hurt anyone! And if you've missed fashion so much that you feel like breaking out the sequins, now is the perfect time to do so. Anything goes! Plus, you'll be a hit at your next Zoom meeting or physically distanced picnic. Have a great and trendy summer!

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