Safe shopping is reassuring!

Starting September 1st, the vaccination passport is mandatory in certain venues or to engage in certain non-essential activities:

  • Bars and restaurants, including outdoor terraces;
  • Fast food restaurant dining rooms;
  • Food courts;
  • Amusement centres and gyms;
  • And certain events.

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As prevention is the best medicine, numerous safety measures have been implemented to maintain social distancing, manage risks associated with group gatherings, ensure the safety of our seniors and create a safe environment both for our customers and our employees. To reach these objectives, our team works to:   

  • Limit the duration of visits,  
  • Enforce the 2m social distancing rule,
  • Stop gatherings and loitering, and
  • Increase the cleaning frequency of all contact points to every hour.  


You’ll find an overview of our protection measures below.

Face covering required for everyone aged 10 years and over 

To ensure everyone’s safety, we continue to follow the rules and comply with government requirements. For this reason, everyone aged 10 years and over must wear a face covering when entering and circulating in the shopping centre.

Safe right from the start – from the parking lot to the entrance

Your safe shopping experience starts as soon as you enter our parking lot. As you approach the centre, look for our signs and make sure that you follow indications up to the entrance, where a screening process is carried out to ensure everyone’s safety.

Transformation of our common areas

We’ve adapted our common areas to provide safe spaces throughout the centre. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus and to eliminate social gatherings, clear directional signage is installed to guide your circulation on the premises, and access to certain common areas has been temporarily closed or restricted.  

Adaptation of our public restrooms 

Similarly to our common areas, our public restrooms have been adapted to prevent the spread of the virus. As such, by limiting contacts and promoting social distancing measures, our team makes sure that you benefit from a clean, safe environment.  

Always at your service

Our information desk is open and accessible to facilitate your visit. Our teams on duty will be happy to guide you and answer any questions you may have. In addition to being protected adequately, our customer service employees have been specially trained to assist you in these uncertain times, in order to ensure your protection and theirs.    

Health and safety is everyone’s business!  

We care about your health and the health of our employees. For this reason, we’ve implemented a Code of conduct as a reminder for visitors to follow safety measures in place. You can download our Code of conduct by clicking here: Safe shopping is reassuring

Let’s stay connected

As you are aware, news can change very quickly; we think it’s important that we keep you informed on the latest developments in our shopping centres. Visit our website and our Facebook page, and read our newsletter to get the latest updates on our safety measures, as well as any changes in the current situation. 

We thank you in advance for following all safety measures. Here is a snapshot of the various signs that you may see in our shopping centre.