• Accessibility
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

      Recharge your electric vehicle at one of our charge points located in the Blue Zone. Charging stations are available to all members of Flo and cost 1$/hour. Electric car owners are also able to park in the Green Zone.

    • Information request

      For all your questions about the Place de la Cité shopping center, its stores and services, visit Customer Service at entrance 3 in the centre aisle.

    • Parking

      Parking spaces are available near entrances 5 & 6, accessible by Hochelaga Boulevard. Several family parking spaces are identified in pink and are accessible in the Blue Zone on Laurier Boulevard to ensure your shopping experience is stress free and enjoyable. Do you have an electric car? Park in the Green Zone in front of the SAAQ for ease of access to the shopping center, or recharge your vehicle at one of the electric charging stations in the Blue Zone. 16 parking spaces are available for disabled visitors, with a total number of 1670 parking spaces available to our visitors.

    • Wireless Internet

      Enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout your visit to Place de la Cité. It's easy to stay connected.

  • Guest Services
    • Automatic Teller Machines

      There are 2 ATMs : Banque National (BNC) near entrance 6 and TD Bank, entrance 2.

    • Dogsitting Service

      Did you know that Place de la Cité is dog friendly? Take your four legged friend shopping, or drop them off at the daycare center located at Chien Mondain boutique to socialize with other canine companions. Dog's visiting the daycare center are kept in a cage-free relaxation area with games, beds, and water bowls. This service is available for a maximum of 2 hours and costs 5$ an hour.

      Please see the dog policy located in the About tab.

    • Gift Cards

      Offer choice as a gift: visit the administration office of Groupe Mach on the 10th floor of Tour Belle Cour to get a gift card accepted at all Groupe Mach malls. 

    • Grooming

      Bring your four legged friend on your next shopping excursion and make sure to take full advantage of the available pet services at Place de la Cité. Stop by Chien Mondain for a range of pet care and beauty services, located between entrance 6 and 7.

      Please see the dog policy located in the About tab.

    • Medical Clinic

      La Cité Médicale is a health clinic open from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week. A team of health experts is on hand to answer all your health related questions and set up appointments with a specialist.

    • Pharmacy

      The Jean Coutu boutique located between entrance 3 and 5 stocks a range of products specialized in aiding in your health and cosmetic needs. 

    • P.O. Box / Delivery Service

      Send your packages using the post office and Purolator drop boxes located outside, near entrance 2 of the mall.

    • Printing Service / Fax

      The Jean Coutu Photo Center is located between entrance 3 and 5 and provides photo printing and copying services. Prints are available in a range of formats and paper textures, with a team on hand to make sure your images meet the quality and design requirements you desire.

    • Restaurant Area

      Take a little gourmet break during your shopping day. Many flavours await you in our food court located on the ground floor of the Tour de la Cité. Sit back and enjoy.

    • Security

      Place de la Cité's security team is on hand to ensure that your time spent with us is safe and comfortable. The GardaWorld security team monitors communal areas of the mall, and is on hand to assist retailers and provide first aid if needed. Our security team is also able to help disabled customers to their vehicle, and a defibrillator is available in the security kiosk.

    • Sewing Service

      Salon de couture de la Cité, on the 1st floor near the CAA, will handle all your clothing and bag repairs. 

  • Young Families
    • Nursing Room & Changing Table

      Place de la Cité houses a comfortable and safe space for you to take a break and care for your baby. The breastfeeding room offers a play area for toddlers, a comfortable place to breastfeed, a microwave, and a changing table. This area is located on the 1st floor near entrance 5. Ask for access to this room at the Security  next to entrance 6.

  • Transportation
    • Taxi

      After a long day of shopping, the last thing you need to worry about is how to get your new purchases home. For those without access to their own vehicle, a number of taxi services are available on site, including Taxi Laurier (418-651-2727), Taxi Coop Québec (418 525-5191), and Taxi Coop Sainte-Foy Sillery (418 653-7777). A fleet of cars is waiting on site to provide transportation home, or stop by the customer service kiosk and we can order you a taxi over the phone.

    • Transportation Network (RTC)

      Place de la Cité is located near bus stops that provide transport to the farthest reaches of Quebec City and Lévis. The RTC bus lines 11, 13, 16, 75, 93, 111, 294, 295, 315, 530, 535, 550, 555, 558, 558, 572, 574, 577, 580, 581, 582, 584, 800, 801 and 804 are easily accessible from the mall, making travel across the city a breeze.

  • Loisir
    • Défi évasion

      Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter notre tout nouveaux parcours d'énigmes en réalité alternée, qui va transformer votre expérience de magasinage, les jeux interactifs sont déjà disponibles tout à fait gratuitement, au grand plaisir des familles !