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Treat yourself to peace of mind with Prenato, a private clinic backed by a dedicated team of experts, ready to provide you with caring guidance at every stage, from the desire to become pregnant to your baby's first year of life. Discover the full range of services offered by Prenato, including prenatal screening, pregnancy support and much more.

Prenato, an innovative private clinic benefiting from the latest advances in genetics and specialized medicine

Prenato offers accurate, comprehensive prenatal screening tests during pregnancy, with no risk to you or your baby. In a secure environment, we offer attentive, personalized service. We can accompany you throughout your pregnancy and answer all your questions and concerns, which are normal during this period of change.

A Quebec clinic

The Prenato Private Clinic is a division of Genoscience Diagnostic®, a company dedicated to applying the latest advances in medical genetics or specialized medicine and their direct clinical applications, for the benefit and well-being of pregnant women.

Laboratory analysis in Quebec

Most Prenato fetal DNA prenatal screening is analyzed in Quebec. At Prenato, it's important that the laboratory analysis of your tests is carried out in North America.

  • Prenatal screening
  • Support during pregnancy
  • Ultrasounds
  • Preconception
  • Baby follow-up
  • Prenatal paternity test