• Accessibility
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

      Recharge your electric vehicle at one of our charge points located in the Blue Zone. Charging stations are available to all members of Flo and cost 1$/hour. Electric car owners are also able to park in the Green Zone.

    • Information request

      For all your questions about the Place de la Cité shopping center, its stores and services, visit Customer Service at entrance 3 in the centre aisle.

    • Parking

      Parking spaces are available near entrances 5 & 6, accessible by Hochelaga Boulevard. Several family parking spaces are identified in pink and are accessible in the Blue Zone on Laurier Boulevard to ensure your shopping experience is stress free and enjoyable. Do you have an electric car? Park in the Green Zone in front of the SAAQ for ease of access to the shopping center, or recharge your vehicle at one of the electric charging stations in the Blue Zone. 16 parking spaces are available for disabled visitors, with a total number of 1670 parking spaces available to our visitors.

    • Wireless Internet

      Enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout your visit to Place de la Cité. It's easy to stay connected.