GROUPE MACH, its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “GROUPE MACH” or “We” or “Us”) would like to explain its personal information management practices. This Policy for the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) sets out the principles that guide the way we collect, use and disclose personal information on our Websites, our various social network accounts, and the different technologies installed or used in our establishments. 


Consent Notice” means a notice issued by GROUPE MACH to a Customer so that the Customer can provide valid consent to an upcoming Collection of Information. 

Customer” or “You” means an individual who (i) uses any of GROUPE MACH’s services; (ii) visits GROUPE MACH’s establishments; (iii) corresponds in any way with GROUPE MACH; (iv) participates in a GROUPE MACH survey, draw, contest or a promotion; (v) is a member of a GROUPE MACH program, including loyalty, an email list or a newsletter; (vi) uses a GROUPE MACH Website or an application; (vii) uses a Wi-Fi or wireless service provided by GROUPE MACH; (viii) buys or uses a GROUPE MACH gift card; or (viii) accesses, uses or buys any other service provided by GROUPE MACH. 

Collect” means the action of collecting, acquiring or obtaining Information in any way and by any means whatsoever, including from Third Parties. 

Consent” means an explicit or implied agreement to Collect, Use and/or Disclose Information for the purposes determined by GROUPE MACH. Consent may be given directly by the Customer or their authorized representative. Explicit Consent may be given verbally, electronically or in writing. Implied Consent means that it can be reasonably deduced from a person’s actions or omissions. 

Disclosure” means the action of providing Information to a Third Party. 

Information” means any personal information about an individual that enables them to be identified. 

Privacy Officer” means the person mentioned in Section 10 of this Policy. 

Website(s)” means GROUPE MACH’s Websites, including www.groupemach.com, GROUPE MACH’s establishments’ Websites, GROUPE MACH or its establishments’ social network accounts (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and any of GROUPE MACH or its establishments’ mobile applications, if applicable. 

Third Party” means a person other than a Customer, GROUPE MACH or their representatives. 


Type of Information Collected 

We collect only customer information that is necessary for our business, including their names, phone numbers, civic address, email address, date of birth, gender, interests, geographical location, details of a request or a complaint, Information allowing us carry out a transaction, log-in ID, password, the Customer’s profile information when the settings allow us access, any posts about us on social networks or any media available to the public, and the IP address. 

Collection Methods 

GROUPE MACH may collect Information by traditional or technological means. We will respect your privacy at all times and use only lawful means of collecting Information. Here are some examples of the methods GROUPE MACH uses to collect information: through program registration, through surveys or competitions organized by GROUPE MACH, through your connection to our facilities’ Wi-Fi networks, from the information provided in a complaint sent to GROUPE MACH, from information displayed on your social network public profiles, as well as information collected by cookies when you visit our Websites. 

Collection By Third Parties 

In some cases, Third Parties may collect Information about you in order to provide it to us. Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to consent to this exchange of Information. 


We may share your Information with a Third Party or authorize a Third Party to collect it as part of a mandate we have given to them. When this situation occurs, we will first seek your consent. Here are some examples: 

To display advertising about products or services 

We may authorize Third Parties to collect Information about our Website visitors in order to categorize them into different market segments, and display advertisements relevant to each of these segments on our Websites or in our establishments. This practice is called "online behavioural advertising". 

To collect Information about the use of our Websites and services 

We can authorize certain service providers to use the Information collected on our Websites and services to help us better understand our audience and to understand how our Websites are used. To link your activity on our Websites to your social networks Our Websites may contain functionalities enabling social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+) to track their members’ activities and collect certain Information about their Website’s visitors. These features may use “plug-ins” and “widgets”. Plug-ins establish a direct link between two Websites, and widgets are interactive mini-programs that provide other companies’ services on our Websites. 


Consent Prior to Collection 

The Collection of Information may be automatic or subject to your consent. The consent required might vary depending on the type of Information, the identity of the person who will use the Information, or the intended use of that Information. 

We use a simple formula to solicit a Customer’s consent to collect their Information. 

When we collect Information other than your name, phone number, civic address or email address to share it with a Third Party, we will seek your express, free and informed consent. The consent thus obtained must qualify as obvious, certain and indisputable, in addition to being given without restriction. We will properly inform you of the scope of your consent, that is, you will be told who will receive the Information and how your Information will be used. Implied consent meeting these requirements will be considered valid. Thus, certain actions will be considered as an implied consent to share Information with a Third Party as long as the Customer has been presented with this Policy and a Notice of Consent. 

In other situations involving the collection of Information, it will be collected automatically and you will have the opportunity to agree or refuse that this Information be used for advertising purposes or communicated to a third party for these purposes. This option could take the form of a check box, for example. 

Refusal to Consent 

When a Customer refuses to consent to the Collection of Information, we will try to provide them with the same services as if they had consented. 

However, some programs and technologies require collected Information in order to work properly. Thus, it is possible that a Customer’s refusal to consent to the Collection of Information may result in a poorer or less personalized quality of service. Sometimes services cannot be provided. 


You can unsubscribe from an advertising subscription at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link provided in the advertising emails we send you, if applicable. 

You may also refuse to receive advertising by contacting the Privacy Officer, by email or by post mail, at the address provided in section 10 entitled "How to Contact Us". 



Information collected by GROUPE MACH helps us to achieve the following objectives: to improve the Customer experience as well as to promote and/or sell products, services and philanthropic causes. 

Here is a detailed list of how GROUPE MACH may use your information: 

  • To personalize our establishments, our Websites and our applications to the Customers’ preferences 
  • To improve the performance of our Websites, our applications and the Wi-Fi access provided to Customers of our establishments 
  • To efficiently ensure our establishments’ security/safety 
  • To distribute information bulletins 
  • To distribute invitations 
  • To answer requests for Information 
  • To conduct surveys 
  • To compile statistics defining our Customers and their preferences 
  • To conduct market studies 
  • To orient our investments 
  • To investigate complaints 
  • To define each establishment’s customer make-up 
  • To provide services and partnerships tailored to our Customers’ needs and preferences 
  • To enable our Websites and applications to remember our Customers’ usernames and passwords 
  • To distribute discounts 
  • To manage the gift card program 
  • To advertise promotions and programs 
  • To perform targeted advertising 
  • To prevent fraud 
  • Any other required use to achieve the objectives mentioned in the first paragraph 
  • Any other use to which the Customer expressly agrees 


We protect your Information by deploying technical, physical and administrative security measures to reduce the risk of loss and misuse, or unauthorized access, disclosure or modification of such Information. 


Access to Information held by GROUPE MACH is restricted to those employees whose duties require the use of this Information, and only to those subcontractors whose mandate or performance of a contract makes it necessary to use the Information. 


We may use Canadian companies to securely process or store your Information. These specialized companies deploy Security measures such as secure servers and firewalls. 


Our Websites and other services are not intended for use by persons under 14 years of age. If you are a parent or guardian and believe that we have collected Information about a child under the age of 14, contact the Privacy Officer at the contact information listed in section 10 "How to Contact Us" below. 


This Policy is effective as of the date listed at the top of the Policy. Our Policy may be updated from time to time. We advise you to consult it frequently. 


In accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and with similar provincial legislation, you have a right of access to Information about you in some circumstances. Any request to access, modify or remove your Information must be made in writing and sent to us at the email or mailing address indicated in Section 10, “How to Contact Us” below.A request for access may be subject to a fee to cover the costs to disclose Information we hold about you. 


If you have any questions or a request about this Policy, please communicate with the Privacy Officer by email or by post mail at the following address: 

Att. : Privacy Officer 
630, rue Saint-Paul Ouest, bureau 600, Montréal QC H3C 1L9 
Téléphone : 514 374-6224 

If you would like to access your Information, please submit your request in writing to the Privacy Officer at the address indicated above and by presenting satisfactory proof of identity and proof of your right of access, as well as details about the kind of information you seek. We will respond to such requests within the time prescribed by law, or in the absence of a prescribed time, within a reasonable time as soon as all this request’s relevant documents are received. 

Last updated: February, 2022